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This Weeks #MixtapeMondays Is A Hidden Gem That You May Miss Out On Sent


Jay Z and the ‘Hard Knock Life Tour’ clique backstage in 1999. Who can y’all spot?

“Hey, due to some technical issues down at the station. There won’t be an upload of Friday’s (26/09/14) show this week. Apologies, but make sure you lock in every Friday @ 9pm on radiokingonline. So you don’t miss a thing.”

If we ain’t got it. We’re coming after whoever, who has it…#OnSight


Master The Word radio documentary airs this Friday. Check out the behind the scenes starring myself, Akala, Jaja Soze, Suli Breaks and others. 


Brand New Episode of The On Sight Show is up & ready to stream. Check out ‘Returns & Confusion’ now on our mixcloud. The links in our bio #OnSight