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#OnSightGlobal @djkmatic is out in Dam for Hip Hop festival @EncoreAmsterdam this weekend.

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Also passed through BBC Radio 1xtra lol but in all fairness as much as it’s a more relatable atmosphere. Downstairs was where global, world domination ish was happening. Which was just 1000x more interesting to me.


Sat in on the 5 o clock news live from the production room. Was privy to the radio 4 production team then putting together and discussing what to broadcast on the 10 o clock news.

It was really weird and fascinating watching and listening to people actually discuss how to present a certain story to the public. (Pretty dangerous too and I mean that whole heartedly cynically if that makes sense).

It’s not just news in there it’s perception and they are obviously extremely aware and it all comes up in the meetings.

Outchea (at BBC News Centre)